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I've read books all my life, but just recently I got obsessed and nowadays I read daily. Contemporary, Romance, New Adult and Young Adult are my favorite genres. 

Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire

I liked the beginning very much. Unfortunately, at some point in the middle of the book, the characters started to annoy me a little bit. Travis was so clingy and not the bad-ass cocky confident jerk that he was in the beginning and Abby couldn't decide on anything and was hurting Travis in the process. I also thought that some of it was unrealistic (yes it's fiction, but still). Also the whole poker playing daughter/ Las Vegas trip confused me.


But even after all this I still liked that it was fast paced and had a great dialogue. It was a addictive read and I couldn't put it down. I just hope that Jamie McGuire chooses to loose the immatureness in her next book.