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I've read books all my life, but just recently I got obsessed and nowadays I read daily. Contemporary, Romance, New Adult and Young Adult are my favorite genres. 

Being Me - Lisa Renee Jones

I had to continue right away with this book after the first one and the terrible cliffhanger it ended with. I loved this book. I gave the first book 4,5 stars but I had to gave this 5: the characters developments, interesting and action packed plot and for the story growth. I fell even more in love with the main characters. 

I really liked the fact this book was so fast paced and even if this is an "erotic novel", it still had the mystery with Rebecca and secrets and plot twists that you don't expect. 

What I think that makes this different from the other "erotic novels" out there, is that it didn't try to force the drama. I noticed a couple of times that they solved small problems without unnecessary fights and drama and didn't assume too much of the other's words or actions. I think this gives it a more realistic touch and instead, when they really hurt each other and are sad and miserable, it feels real and emotional and you can't do anything but feel their pain and cry with them (as I did in matter of fact a couple of times).

I really really liked Being Me and can't wait for the last book in the trilogy.