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I've read books all my life, but just recently I got obsessed and nowadays I read daily. Contemporary, Romance, New Adult and Young Adult are my favorite genres. 

Consequences - Aleatha Romig

This book is serious mind F. I had so many expectations and assumptions about this book before I started to read it, and they all were proven wrong. And I'm not glad when I'm not right, let me tell you that. 

I thought this would be about a man who has "abducted" a women and mistreats her for some kind of reason. It would be an abnormal romance story with hints of thriller/mystery. Yes...I was wrong.

I feel so confused. About everything. In the beginning I couldn't understand why Claire was so willing to accept her situation and Tony's actions. Stockholm syndrome? Maybe, but even that couldn't explain it all. Then when the story continued you got this feeling of security; Tony was still behaving badly, but Claire was changing him slowly (very slowly) into a better man. As a reader, you felt Claire's uncertainty and even fear when she had supposedly done something wrong. But as the story continued and the time passed everything started to feel easier. Or at least it seemed like it. Those, who could read between lines however, could feel that something wasn't right and confusion and anxiousness started to grow.

This book is written in a very unique way. It wasn't very action packed, many things were very thoroughly explained and at times it felt a bit dragged out. But somehow Romig has done a great job succeeding at captivating readers to this world and Claire's journey. It felt like I was there with Claire, experiencing everything beside her. 

The end of the book left me with a "what the hell did I just read" feeling. Somehow I had expected the things that happened to happen, but at the same time I didn't want to be right in my assumptions. I wanted to continue living in the happily ever after denial.

I already own the second book in the trilogy and to tell the truth (no pun intended), I'm a little bit scared. I love me some romance, happily ever afters, normal and sane people and now, nothing of that can be expected in the next book. I'm scared.