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I've read books all my life, but just recently I got obsessed and nowadays I read daily. Contemporary, Romance, New Adult and Young Adult are my favorite genres. 

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard

I read this as a fanfiction a couple of years ago. I loved it then but I love it even more now! The story was better written and edited and both the story and the characters were more interesting. And I loved all the references to literature and music. It gave it more depth and holy intensity - the classroom scene, you will know what I mean when you read it. 

This book is so great, mostly because of the characters. In the beginning it seems like they couldn't be more different, but when we start to learn about their pasts we get to see that they both are damaged and hurt, but they have such good and passionate souls.

Some (those feminists that think that every girl in every book is weak, easily dazzled and their only life mission is to find a man for themselves) may think that Julie is too shy, naive and submissive. I see a girl that has the purest of minds and hearts. She has been hurt in the past by more than one person, but she's still so kind and has the ability to see the good in the people. 

Gabriel himself has been through hell but survived it. He is rude, sarcastic and arrogant but it's just a mask. If you love books with hot, rich, tortured-souls, all knowing main male characters you will love Gabriel. 

This book has a plot but most of all it's a story about two lost and hurt souls learning to accept that they are worthy of love.